Thursday, 20 September 2012

College Wishlist #1

Finally starting back college. Summer ( or lack of ) lasted far too long in my opinion and I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and actually doing something.

One thing I really look forward to at the start of every college year is going shopping with my mum and getting a few bits n bobs. When I'm in college I do like to be comfy but at the same time keep it trendy and fashionable. Versatility is the main thing I think of when going college shopping. Your in there 5 days a week so its best to have clothes you can mix and match and rewear without feeling like your wearing the same things.

Here are a few things I have on my college wishlist at the mo.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Well it certainly has been awhile since I've crossed these paths. Been a bit absent from my blog and I actually feel bad even though really I shouldn't. A blog is for yourself and it shouldn't be a case of feeling a need to do it all the time, then it turns into a chore and takes the fun out of it. But I really have missed posting up on here and I've had that awful niggling feeling in the corner of my mind telling me I should do something.

I actually broke my wrist two weeks ago and that has been my main reasoning for not doing ANYTHING productive, and I have to admit I've found myself in a rut of some sort and not the best state of mind. I conveniently broke my right wrist so learning to do basic tasks with my left hand has been a task in itself e.g. make up, clothes, even typing! 
I got myself into a state of mind that I couldn't do anything and was getting rather frustrated and annoyed with myself. I felt like clothes looked bleh with a big horrible cast (its purple) and have been residing to "comfy" clothes, back to back Come Dine with Me marathons, and my duvet. 
Well since then I have realised there is zero point in having a pity party for one and I need to get off my bum and get back into the swing of things for once and for all. 

I'm back to college next week and I've already organised the posts I want to do for the next week:) I got a whack of inspiration last night and boy am I thankful for that, got more done in a few hours then I did in two weeks! Love those bursts. 

Oh! A recent OBSESSION of mine that I feel really needs a mentioning, Pretty Little Liars! I know I'm a tad late to jump on zee bandwagon but usually I don't watch an awful lot of television but seen as I can't drive and have been sitting at home more then usual I thought I'd give into the hype and indulge in it. My bestie is forever singing this show with praise but I just never got it, nevertheless my god! I completely get the ballyhoo about it now. I've just started Season 2 and love how your left clinging with suspense at the end of every episode. Everything about it is just clever and I feel bad not giving it a chance at the start. Also if I had been aware of the amount of sheer hotness in this show before I so would've been hooked earlier ( Ezra, Caleb, etc etc' ). Okay tirade over!

( Geddit :P )

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tin man problems

  So this is what I wore last night, went into town for drinks with the girls. I bought the hair band in the TopShop sale cause I thought it was pretty:) I kinda felt like a mix of Jesus, Lana Del Rey, and the Statue of Liberty with it on. It was a good time. My outfit was pretty and kind of festivally, throw on a pair of knee highs and wellys and you'd be good to go.

In other news, I've come to terms that I in fact wear far too much hi-lighter haha, I CAN'T STOP MYSELF D: Its like I look in the mirror and I'm fully aware I'm one step away from looking like the Tin man but I can't stop myself! Does anyone else suffer from this kind of addiction or am I on my own :( oh well. Below is some photo evidence.

 Also the Dublin Fashion Festival is just around the corner! I worked at it last year and it was so much fun, the atmosphere in the city was amazing while it was going on and I'd recommend it to everyone who can to go along. Theres a programme on there website of all the different events taking place:)


Friday, 27 July 2012

The Liebster Award

So excited to do my first ever tag, the darling Ellie from beautyproductsjunkie tagged me to do The Liebster Award tag. The Liebster Tag is basically a blog award for new upcoming bloggers who have less then 200 followers. Liebster is German for sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, cute, valued, endearing, pleasant and welcome. N'aaawh:)

Okay so for the rules...
(1) Each person tagged must post 11 things about themself.
(2) Answer all 11 questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 more for the people you tag.
(3) Choose 11 people and tag them in your post.
(4) Go to there page and tell them.
and last but not least
(5) No tag backs.

>I have a dog and 2 cats, and I really wanna pug!
>I have one younger sister, her names Erika.
>I want to learn Spanish and be fluent-ish.
>I've moved house 4 times.
     >I've been driving for 3 years but still haven't passed my driving test.
>My favorite time of the year is Christmas.
>Shopping cheers me up more then anything.
  >I have FOMO ( fear of missing out ) and need to go out every weekend or I freak out hah.
>I love wearing heels.
>I always start new books and very rarely finish them.
>I'm a hardcore Buffy fan.

Whats the most life changing skincare product you've discovered?
      Most life changing skincare product I've discovered would probably be E45 cream. I suffer with mild psoriasis on my elbows and have slightly dry skin. So I put this on and its good as the new the very next day. Its also an excellent all over moisturiser.

Whats your dream job?
     Hmm I've two:) I'd either want to work in the fashion industry as a buyer or doing some sort of marketing/PR work maybe. Orrr to work as a secondary school teacher. Bit of a difference.

Whats your worst habit?
      My worst habit has to be biting my nails-_- I know its gross, and looks horrible but its a nervous habit and I've done it since I was like 7. I've tried to stop soo many times, any tips on how to do so you know where to put em;)

 Your favorite store and why?
       I have a few, it'd be a toss up of H&M, Top shop, New look and Penneys probably. And just because there on trend and affordable really.

Whats your favorite TV show and why?
     My favorite TV show of all time would have to be Buffy. I was such a Buffy geek as a kid, and still secretly am shhh. My favorite recent shows would be Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, and E news. I like watching Pretty Little Liars the odd time but never got proper into it.

Whats the worst movie you've ever seen?
      Worst movie I've ever seen would probably be Catch me if you can, and only because I remember hating it at the time if I watched it again I probably wouldn't mind it but I doubt I will haha. Soz Leo.

Favorite Nail Polish?
    As I said I'm a biter:/ So nail polish isn't exactly a thang for me. I usually just buy french manicure style falsies. If I buy polish its usually H&M ones, and I favor corally and light blue colors.

      If you could have one beauty item for free what would it be and why?
    Hmmmm...can I say a life time supply of Sally Hansen? I go threw this like I don't know what and its 10euro a can so I'm forever buying it.

Favorite overall make up brand and why?
     I love MAC, but my fave brand overall would be Benefit. I've loved pretty much all the products I've bought from them. Also I love the packaging and any of there products looks just divine displayed on my beauty table.

Least favorite brand and why?
    Hmm this is a toughie. I've never really had a bad overall experience with a "brand" more so the odd product that didn't work for me. I feel bad dissing a brand but the few ELF products I have tried haven't really been upto scratch and just a bit bleh so my answer would be ELF.

All time favorite blog and youtube channel?
       Favorite blog would probably be LLYMLRS, because I love how she puts looks together and updates regularly. It's good how she does recycle and wear items more then once so its always interesting seeing the different combinations. My favorite YT channel would be Sammi's from Beauty Crush, I just think shes really easy to watch and you can relate to her. She just seems like a cool gal, with an amazing sense of style obv:)

Lauren from ooh la la lauren 
Melissa from Pretty-little-obsessions 
Zoe from Zoeliannex 
Kirsty from Rockit Style 
Olivia from cream tea and kisses 
Sarah from Beautybottle 
Grace from Grace and Braver
Jessica from The mod mermaid
Kirsty from BeautyWonders UK

Your on an island and only aloud 3 products what are they?
Whats your favorite piece of clothing?
Whats your favorite bronzer?
Whats your go to make up look for a night out?
Favorite holiday destination?
Heels or flats?
Favorite fast food?
Coffee or tea?
Where do you shop most?
Do you have any pets?
If you could live anywhere where would it be?

    Hope you enjoyed reading my answers and can't wait to read yours:) 


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My new baby

Picked up this beaut earlier today, it was indeed love at first sight. Its like a mix of the Zara bowling bag and the Alexander Wang studded bottom bag. I lav it! I bought it in H&M and it was 40 euro which is a bit of a higher price point for H&M but c'mon just look at the bag, totes worth it. H&M are seriously upping there game lately in the shoe and accessory department. Saw my next purchase already;)

This bag is going to be one of those that I will not be parting with until it literally falls apart. Its big enough so I'll be able to carry all the unnecessary bits and bobs I trawl around on a day to day basis:)Thinking of doing a whats in my bag featuring  my new baby soon, a whats not in my bag would be more appropriate as I seem to just grab EVERYTHING I can see in my room just in case. I'll probably carry it using the little straps on the middle of my arm but it also has a longer strap if you wanted to hang it of your shoulder.

Going to be a posting an OOTD later on also so you'll get to see the bag in action. I'm just heading out now with friends to see the Katy Perry movie. Can't wait:D


Friday, 20 July 2012

Work...and play;)

Quick OOTD, heading to work then straight out with the girls. Put this simple white vest and skinnys combo together, as you can see I'm kinda feeling the neon trend. Got this statement necklace in H&M yesterday and I love it, so summery! It makes up for the fact we have had a serious lack of summer this year in Ireland, so depressing. 

Paired this look with simple gold sandals for work, comfort factor:) and a plain brown shoulder bag. Then have my trusty nude heels and a simple white clutch to throw on so I'm ready to head out. Heres my 2 looks:)

 Day time:)

Night time

This outfit is one where I let the accessories do all the talking and it shows that simple little pieces can really make an outfit. Hope you like it:) Comment below and let me know what you think!


Thursday, 19 July 2012

All work and no play

2 posts in one day:O * pat on the back * haha. So just a quick OOTD, usually work part time but cause I'm off college for summer I've been doing quite a bit of over time so I've been a busy bee.
This is what I wore today, got this dress in Top Shop last week and I love it so much. So easy to just throw on, got loads of compliments in work today also, felt terrible sending all the customers down to Top Shop:/ The material is so soft and is super comfy to wear. Could easily put on a pair of heeled chelsea boots and you'd be ready to hit the town. Again I'm wearing my H&M necklace which you's are probably sick of seeing, buuut I can't stop myself:D