Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tin man problems

  So this is what I wore last night, went into town for drinks with the girls. I bought the hair band in the TopShop sale cause I thought it was pretty:) I kinda felt like a mix of Jesus, Lana Del Rey, and the Statue of Liberty with it on. It was a good time. My outfit was pretty and kind of festivally, throw on a pair of knee highs and wellys and you'd be good to go.

In other news, I've come to terms that I in fact wear far too much hi-lighter haha, I CAN'T STOP MYSELF D: Its like I look in the mirror and I'm fully aware I'm one step away from looking like the Tin man but I can't stop myself! Does anyone else suffer from this kind of addiction or am I on my own :( oh well. Below is some photo evidence.

 Also the Dublin Fashion Festival is just around the corner! I worked at it last year and it was so much fun, the atmosphere in the city was amazing while it was going on and I'd recommend it to everyone who can to go along. Theres a programme on there website of all the different events taking place:)