Thursday, 20 September 2012

College Wishlist #1

Finally starting back college. Summer ( or lack of ) lasted far too long in my opinion and I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and actually doing something.

One thing I really look forward to at the start of every college year is going shopping with my mum and getting a few bits n bobs. When I'm in college I do like to be comfy but at the same time keep it trendy and fashionable. Versatility is the main thing I think of when going college shopping. Your in there 5 days a week so its best to have clothes you can mix and match and rewear without feeling like your wearing the same things.

Here are a few things I have on my college wishlist at the mo.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Well it certainly has been awhile since I've crossed these paths. Been a bit absent from my blog and I actually feel bad even though really I shouldn't. A blog is for yourself and it shouldn't be a case of feeling a need to do it all the time, then it turns into a chore and takes the fun out of it. But I really have missed posting up on here and I've had that awful niggling feeling in the corner of my mind telling me I should do something.

I actually broke my wrist two weeks ago and that has been my main reasoning for not doing ANYTHING productive, and I have to admit I've found myself in a rut of some sort and not the best state of mind. I conveniently broke my right wrist so learning to do basic tasks with my left hand has been a task in itself e.g. make up, clothes, even typing! 
I got myself into a state of mind that I couldn't do anything and was getting rather frustrated and annoyed with myself. I felt like clothes looked bleh with a big horrible cast (its purple) and have been residing to "comfy" clothes, back to back Come Dine with Me marathons, and my duvet. 
Well since then I have realised there is zero point in having a pity party for one and I need to get off my bum and get back into the swing of things for once and for all. 

I'm back to college next week and I've already organised the posts I want to do for the next week:) I got a whack of inspiration last night and boy am I thankful for that, got more done in a few hours then I did in two weeks! Love those bursts. 

Oh! A recent OBSESSION of mine that I feel really needs a mentioning, Pretty Little Liars! I know I'm a tad late to jump on zee bandwagon but usually I don't watch an awful lot of television but seen as I can't drive and have been sitting at home more then usual I thought I'd give into the hype and indulge in it. My bestie is forever singing this show with praise but I just never got it, nevertheless my god! I completely get the ballyhoo about it now. I've just started Season 2 and love how your left clinging with suspense at the end of every episode. Everything about it is just clever and I feel bad not giving it a chance at the start. Also if I had been aware of the amount of sheer hotness in this show before I so would've been hooked earlier ( Ezra, Caleb, etc etc' ). Okay tirade over!

( Geddit :P )