Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello Top Shop, Goodbye wages.

Yeah the title pretty much sums this up. Got paid on Friday and its been burning a hole in my pocket since! So today I popped into Top Shop after work and treated myself:) Lately I've found the prices in there have decreased ever so slightly even though its still dearer then the likes of New Look and H&M. You get what you pay for though in my opinion, the amount of times I've bought a 10 euro jumper thinking this is great it saves me spending 40, until you put it in the washing machine:/
Didn't bother taking actual pictures of the pieces cause I'll probably feature them soon enough and my floordrobe isn't a very delightful background haha.

Once I saw this dress I knew I had to have it, Its 95% cotton so its super lightweight and comfy but its gonna be so easy to dress up too. Red lips and Litas and off I go! I picked this up with an upcoming girls night out in mind:) I love the straps at the top and triangle cut outs as it adds a bit of raar to it;) It was 36 euro which was pretty decent for a going out dress also.

I think this dress/top/tunic thing is the kind of thing you'll see on everyone and there mam, at 24 euro it was a steal! Perfect for just throwing on with leggings, tights, shorts, anything but still looking stylish. The asymmetric trend is one I'm seriously loving this season, I love structured pieces of clothing. Have a chocker style necklace from H&M in mind to go with this so I think I'll HAVE to go buy it:P

Bit boring, bit plain, but its classic. I've wanted a simple black skater style skirt for awhile so when I saw this I grabbed it. Ripped the tag of it but it was cheap enough. It was in the basic section which I'm loving at the moment, the stuff is really cheap and pretty fashion forward as well. I know I'll wear this skirt to death as its something that will go with pretty much any top. Bralets, band tees, shirts, I see a long happy relationship with me and this feller in the future.

Not 100% sure about this, I saw it and thought it was really pretty and girly and shirts are pretty much everywhere this summer, all thanks to Zara. It was 55 euro which was the only thing that put me off and the fact I'm not a very "shirty" person. Theres a week long rule when it comes to my wardrobe though and if it doesn't makes its way onto me in a week it has to go back where it came from. 

K these next 2 things I didn't buy but saw online and think I'll have to hunt em down. First these bronzey colored shorts. I know they might not be to everyone's taste but I love them! I think they'll add that wow factor to outfits lacking, and they'd be great for nights out as they'd go with pretty much any top. I've wanted gold disco shorts for awhile now but haven't taken the plunge as buying them would pretty much mean I'd be broke for a week. I think these are a cheap alternative and will have to give them a look see me thinks.

Army Jackets are EVERYWHERE at the moment, and when I couldn't get my hands on the Zara Safari Jacket with Leather sleeves I was abso devo bbz. But I got over it haha. Saw this on the website and its sold out at the moment, so I'll be making a trip into town to see if I can find this. Its 48£ which will probably mean its 60 ish euro as Top Shop still have that feckin' ridiculous mark up:/ A jacket for 60 euro isn't THAT bad though, and one like this I know will go with sooo mach:) I'd buy it one or two sizes up as I think the whole army trend looks better kinda over sized, baggy, and boyish.

Thats all for now folks, off to put on my pretty nice new clothes and dance around in my room like a princess. Everyone does that riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?:/



  1. Great selection dear! You doing great!

    I decided to be you 1st follower :)

    Keep posting and write me when u need anything!


  2. Aww thanks so much! Woo I gotsta follower:D
    I sure will, need to up my game and start networking abit more hah

  3. I love Topshop, that floral blouse is very pretty!

    Thank you for finding my blog and commenting, it means so much. I am following you now.


  4. No problem at all:) Thanks so much for following!


  5. Love that dress! That is a really cool pattern of the dress and design of the straps!


  6. I love it so much! Can't wait to wear it out.
    Its soo flattering too.


  7. These are all lovely things! I know the feeling about spending your wages as soon as you get them haha :) It's so hard not to!

    1. Awh its ridiculous, after buying these I told myself I wouldnt shop again this week, went shopping yesterday:/ haha Ive no willpower!


  8. I like the dress and the gold shorts! I think the shorts would look great with a black top and a statement necklace! ^_^

  9. These are all lovely picks :)
    I love your title for this post, I am exactly the same!
    Love Zoe