Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Oh Woweee Jeans

Again I had a crazy busy weekend so blogging was neglected slightly, I promise this will not be the case every weekend as it is starting to look like a re-occuring pattern:/ So todays post is a slightly boring one, just a quick OOTD. Heading to the flicks with friends to go see The Amazing Spiderman, bitta Andrew Garfield and Ms Stone mmm yes please.

Todays outfit is fairly simple, and casual. Had to mention my new "Ohhh woweee" jeans;) This is not a brand btw haha just what I refer to these uhmazing jeans as. Picked them up in River Island today, never normally go in there but was on the hunt for kind of high waisted blue skinnys and was like ah sure! Was pretty set on getting a pair of Top Shop Leigh jeans, but I actually much prefer these and they were half the price. There quite stretchy denim so there super comfy:) 

Just looking at these pictures and they actually don't do them half justice. In real life there soo flattering. Bad photographer I guess haha ( sisters actually gonna kill me >:) ). I wanted to get a good side picture of the jeans as the do wonders to the deriere! but my face looked like a slapped arse in majority of the pictures, not a natural poser bbz. My legs look so tinchy in the second picture:( I'm 5'6/7 ish just in case your wondering.



  1. I love your outfit:)I have something like your jeans for not on that color.Tottaly gorgeous.Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog:)


  2. You look beautiful <3 Perfect jeans!

    &Awesome blog - FOLLOWED!

    Lots of love; Pauline.