Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Muse

Sorry for the lack of well anything all weekend. First weekend in ages where I actually had LOADS to do.
On Friday I went out for a few "casuals" with ma gurls (read post below to see what this actually means).

Majority of Saturday morning was spent wishing the ground would swallow me whole. Few pandol later I was brand new:) Had to go to a family christening, me and my sister got a tad sidetracked by the pretty country views on the way down and were a tad late. 
Then Saturday night I went to The Laughter Lounge in the City Center with the boyfriend and it was sooo good, I'd highly reccomend going. It was a good change to just going out clubbing and what not. The australian comidian Damien Clarke was headlining, he was just hilarious! Tried to take a few pictures but the lighting was really really bad and the same one waitress kept standing in front of me EVERY time I tried to take a picture. *cam whore*
Pretty blue sky

Lil country roads

Me and my little sister Erika:)

Sunday was a big bleh of a day. Had to go to work, cannot wait for summer sales to finally end. Swear to god, sales really bring out the whole animalistic crazy side in people (mainly women). Scary shit!
So after work I went and had a biiig lazy night with lotsa munchies. Watched "Friends with Benefits" and "What happens in Vegas" mega rom-com night. FWB rekindled my love for JT, he really does just have it all! Swear if I ever met him I'd go completely all out fan girl on his fine ass!

So I best be going, heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work I go!
Any suggestions for upcoming posts leave below, I'd love to hear what you's want to see:)
Thinking of doing a tag or two, not sure If I'll record them or just type them out though, the whole video thing is kinda daunting to me haha.

 FOTD :]



  1. Wowwwwwwww beauty pics!

  2. Cute pictures! :)

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  5. Thanks girl! Thinking of doing a how to style: statement necklaces blog post soon..

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