Sunday, 1 July 2012

Just me myself and I

Hello all (or no one) this is my first blog post and its going to be a generic-ish "About Me" post and my first lil ( cringey ) outfit one, Woowoo.

So first and foremost my name is Stacey. I'm a twenty year old student from Dublin, I've worked in retail for 4 years now. I started working at fashion events about two years ago, and that's ultimately the kind of job I wanna pursue once I finish my course.

Fashion is something I've been passionate about for years but only recently got the confidence to actually do something about it. When it comes to my "style" I don't have a specific niche as such.I could wake up and want to wear my prettiest girliest dress one day and all black the next. Fashions what you make it, and I believe once your happy in what you've on and have a bit of fun with it, you'll rock it.

 What makes me happy is shopping, noodles, tan, sparkly things, cawfee, toffee popcorn, travelling, pugs and all things that are studded/leather/leopard print.

Yeah I'm fully aware I don't know what to do with my face once a camara is put on it but I'll get better I swur! Thought I'd throw a snap or two in here, face to a name yeahyeah and this just so happened to be my most recent ones:) I was going for drinks with friends and wanted to keep things plain and simple. I threw on this little kimono style number to add a little something something to it. I love the boho/70's ish feel it adds to any outfit.

Don't want to babble on to much so going to leave at that. Tata for now, don't hesitate to ask any questions or anything:)


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  1. Hey! Nice meeting you (well, reading a few things about you). That is a really lovely outfit. :)