Sunday, 1 July 2012


On a good writing buzz so gonna keep the ball rolling while it lasts haha. Heres some pictures from an outfit I wore last week. I was helping a friend out with a segment she was doing and had to model. As you can see from the shnaps below I am by no means "model material". Well that was super confirmed by the stylist. Straight up I was told "Well by the looks of things you clearly don't want to be a model" which is ding ding ding spot on, but doesn't need to be said in a room full of people. Then every insecurity I have was magnified, and said for all to hear. I was also told I should wear loose fitted clothing as to hide the places I carry weight.

Babble (almost) done, I understand the industry can change people and alter how they see themselves but people that go on like this is the reason why there is such a stigma to look a certain way nowadays, which effects mostly young girls. I'm a size 8-10, and to think that is considered "big" in today's society really makes me sick. Fashion is all about what you feel good in and what makes you happy in my opinion. One good thing about the stylists comments was that it made me realise as cheesy as it sounds beauty is skin deep and if your an asshole on the outside but a roide at the end of the day your still an asshole:) and that ain't cool. 

K I'm really done now:)
So this is the outfit I threw on, I liked the whole clash of my band tee and skirt. On my feetsies I have my Penneys flats which is what I wore out and then I also took a pic with my Lita wannabes as I think its an outfit I could wear out for drinks too. This skirt is meanto be one of them high-low ones but I turned it slightly cause I prefer the more asymmetric look of it. Sorry for casting my ghastly pale legs upon y'all but as part of modelling I wasn't aloud wear fake tan, ultimate WEH. So yeah..



  1. The absurd level of thin that is demanded in fashion is horrible for today's youth. There are 12 year old girls who have been "dieting" for as long as they can remember. Girls like me who are natural bigger, ie: actually have hips and curves like a female, are shamed. I yo-yo back and forth between loving my body and being like "screw the authority!" to insanely dieting, working out, and crying. Look back to when Marilyn Monroe was famous and women were normal sizes, but now normal is considered too "fat".

    It is really hard to not let it drag you down :(


  2. I think it's ridiculous to tell girls what size they should be. I think beauty is based a lot on the person's confidence and how comfortable they are with how they look. I believe it is more important to love your body no matter what size it is and just know your best assets (breasts, bum, etc..)and how to accentuate them. However for me nothing can beat kind eyes and a warm smile.