Thursday, 5 July 2012

Penneys Haulage

So today I went shopping for a few bits and bobs. Mainly accessories as I just seem to lose EVERYTHING. Unfortunately the accessory department in Penneys was lacking. I was wandering around with only afew bits feeling rather disappointed and was about to go and pay when I noticed a section I hadn't examined yet:)Low and behold! I think Penneys was hiding all the good stuff in this little corner. I kind of wish I didn't venture over haha, I ended up picking up 2 hi-low skirts, and three tops all in this little section. Here's some pictures of what I picked up:)

This cute lil top was only 13euro which I thought was really good, I want to wear it with red lipstick and pretend I'm a grown up Minnie Mouse haha. You could also get away with wearing it as a dress if you wore a black slip and tights with it.
This looks cute belted or loose, and I love the dipped hem at the back.

So I picked up this bralet/top with Cheryls "Call my name" video in mind(what I'd do to have her body). Tropicanna is a key look every summer. I'll probably pair this with black then clashing colored accessories, but I'd say this would look very funky and fashion forward with printed high waisted short also. I'm just not that daring:P
 These pictures do not do this top half justice! I actually think this top is my favorite of what I bought today, It was like nine euro or something crazy like that and it reminds me of something I'd buy in Urban Outfitters for twice this price. The lace detailing along the shoulders and back adds that something extra to it. Its just an easy top to throw on with a pair of high waisted skinnys or denim shorts and will look chic no matter what. Such a find!

K so I went a bit hi/low mad but these skirts were.....wait for it.....11euro each! Absolute madness. First I saw the pale pink color and was like right MINE, and then I came across it in black too. They also had it in a muted grey which I had to stop myself from buying by telling myself the color will drain me! These are staples and can easily be switched for day wear to night. On a hot day with a plain black tank and statement necklace, sorted. I'll be wearing these into winter too with chunky knits half tucked in and military style booties.

 These are all the accessories I ended up picking up, serious fail on my behalf. My jewellery drawer needs a revamping ASAP. First I picked up 2 simple belts, the black one was only 1.50 and the colored one was 3euro. I picked up this neon lime bangle as it was only 3euro, neon is very big at the mo but I myself prefer neon accessories rather then clothing. Subtle pops of neon:) I also picked up this 5 pack of pearls/bracelets as its simple arm candy thats easy to throw on but look cute. How adorable are these heart studs! I picked up these for my second ear piercing as I rarely have an earring in it and thought these would be perfect as there small. Last thing I got was this black tasseled shoulder bag.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this post, if you've any questions or suggestions post below:)



  1. Wow!! You have a lot of new stuff! I am eager to see how you combine it!

    1. I'm sure they'll be featuring very soon:) I update nearly daily so be sure to check in, I love reading you guys opinions:)


  2. Wowza. That's an awesome haul! I am very jealous! :)

  3. Hi hun! You left me a lovely comment on my blog, and as for any advice I have for you, well I think you have a great basis for an awesome blog! It has a great layout, it's easy to navigate and read and you have interesting content! Just work on getting a memorable header that represents your personality and you'll have it all!

    Lea x

    1. Thanks so much Lea:D I'm trying to get a really good/me header going but I'm soo new to design and computers and everything else in between haha! Defo will have it sorted soon:)

      You've such an amazing blog, love chatting to and learning from others:))


  4. I am in absolute LOVE with the tassled bag, its so gorgeous!
    I wish they did it in Primark in England :(
    Just started following your blog hun its brilliant :)
    Looking forward to more posts!!
    Love Zoe


  5. I haven't stopped using it since I got it haha, love it:)
    Ahh thanks, I've a big outfit post coming soon:) hopefully I'll have it all up tomorrow..
    Thanks for following also